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Cheat codes for Shadow Squadron

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Shadow Squadron Beating the Final Level
Defeating the final platform in Shadow Squadron can be difficult, especially since very little material was published on the game. Here is some advise: First, shoot the centers of each of the rectangular platfroms encircling the main platform. This will cause the main platform to activate and send out a second wave of rectangular platforms. Ignore them. The main platform will now have glowing targets all around it. Quickly fly around the main platform and shoot each one. This will destroy it.

Shadow Squadron Change Views
To change views, you need a six-button controller. While playing the game, you can switch from the first perspective and chase views by pressing the MODE button.

Shadow Squadron Faster Speed
To speed up your ship, quickly tap B twice, then press and hold it a third time. For best results, choose Speed Control Type 2.

Shadow Squadron See Your Stats
After beating the game wait through the credits and after what seems like an hour a screen wiil come up with your overall score, time, ect.

Shadow Squadron Hint: One Hit Death For Delmmers
Use Feather 2 (the bigger ship). If you want to get rid of Delmmer class ships(the ones that look like can openers) fast, fly out in front of their big forks and fly straight towards them at full throttle. Use Feather 2's torpedo system and target the very center of the "mouth." The torpedo hit should start a chain reaction that will destroy the whole ship in one hit.

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