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Cheat codes for Saints Row

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Saints Row Cheat List
Unverified. You must pause the game and hold down the L or the R TRIGGER. This will access the phone. Select DIAL, then enter and CALL:

  • Ambulace (Restores Health) 911
  • Brown Baggers 555-3765
  • Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)(555) 018-0174
  • Eye for an Eye Voodoo 555-5966
  • Give money #66639
  • God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly) #10
  • Police level reduced #nocops
  • Gang level reduced #no gangs
  • Grounds for Divorce 555-9473
  • Infinite Ammo #AMMO
  • Infinite Sprint #SPRINT
  • Legal Lee's 555-9467
  • Lik-a-Chick 555-3863
  • On the Fence (Pawn Shop) 555-7296
  • On The Rag Clothing 555-5926
  • Rim Jobs 555-3493
  • Stocks 555-2626
  • Suicide Hotline 1-555-ITS-OVER
  • The Dead Cow 555-6238
  • TNA Taxi Service 555-455-8008
  • GameStop T-Shirt #42637867

#Rocket ... Activates RPG cheat
#AS12Riot ... Activates Riotgun cheat
#K6Krukov ... Activates Krukov cheat
#12Gauge ... Activates 12gauge cheat
#Tombstone ... Activates Tombstone cheat
#T3KUrban ... Activates Urban cheat
#GDHC50 ... Activates GDHC 50 cheat
#Shepherd ... Activates .44 Shepherd cheat
#NR4 ... Activates NR4 cheat
#Pipebomb ... Activates Pipe Bomb cheat
#Vice9 ... Activates Vice9 cheat
#Knife ... Activates Knife cheat
#Molotov ... Activates Molotov Cocktail cheat
#Grenade ... Activates Hand Grenades cheat
911 ... Slow life regeneration (?)
#42637867 ... Gamestop/EBGames t-shirt (costume)
555 018 0174 ... Access Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)
555 455 8008 ... Access TNA Taxi Service
555 5966 ... Access Eye for an Eye Voodoo
555 7296 ... Access On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555 3863 ... Access Lik-a-Chick
555 6238 ... Access The Dead Cow
555 3493 ... Access Rim Jobs
555 9467 ... Access Legal Lee's
555 9473 ... Access Grounds for Divorce
555 5926 ... Access On The Rag Clothing
#SPRINT ... Activates Infinite Sprint
#66639 ... Activates money accruement
#AQUA ... Activates and spawns an Aqua car
#AMMO ... Activates infinite ammo
#10 ... Activates random lightning strikes
555 3765 ... Access Brown Baggers
1 555 ITS OVER ... Access Suicide Hotline
555 2626 ... Access Stocks
555 2445 ... Guy in chicken suit (?)

Note that the in-game cheats (i.e., Pipe Bomb cheat) must be toggled on the in-game cheat menu. Toggling cheats on will remove the possibility of earning gamertag achievements. Simply toggle off cheats and reboot the game to continue earning achievements.

Submitted by SuperTool
Corrections by Frank_West02, BPMorris2, jon-sarah, will_rlsa

Saints Row Cheat - Car List
Unverified. Go to your phone and put in each of these seperatly and they will got to your garage.
  1. #NELSON
  2. #AQUA
  3. #ZIRCON
  4. #BETSY
  6. #FIVE-O
  9. #COSMOS
  10. #DESTINY
  11. #ZIMOS
  12. #CAPSHAW
  14. #HALBERD
  16. #KEY STONE
  17. #KOMODO
  18. #LA FUERZA
  20. #NELSON
  22. #NRG V8
  23. #QUASAR
  25. #SHOGUN
  26. #FBI
  28. #TAXI
  32. #VEGAS
  33. #BULLDOG
  34. #VOXEL
  35. #EISWOLF
  36. #ZOMKAH
  37. #MAG
  39. #REAPER
  40. #ANT
  41. #BARON
  49. #QUOTA
  50. #ANCHOR
  51. #TITAN
  54. #ZENITH
  55. #RATTLER
  56. #VARSITY
  57. #JUSTICE
  58. #VOTEX
  59. #RAMPAGE
  60. #RUCKUS
  62. #THE JOB
  63. #VENOM
  65. #NEWMAN

The second list are vehicles you cannot store in your car park.

  2. #MULE

Saints Row Unlockable: "Atrazione" Exotic Car
You must finish all 3 Hitman Activities.

Saints Row Unlockable: 10% Stamina Boost
You must collect Vice Kings tags.

Saints Row Unlockable: Permanent 50% discount at Friendly Fire
You must complete all of the Hitman activities.

Saints Row Unlockable: 10% Stamina Boost
You must collect Westside Rollerz tags.

Saints Row Hint - Gunshop Follies
I have noticed that sometimes when you enter a gun shop from the back, the people drop the gun's they are holding and leave. Leaving the guns on the ground. I found this works best when there are 2 or more people in the shop. Another way is to go into a store and kill the people with soemthing else, take the guns and run off the cops if needed.

Submitted by cskid621

Saints Row Hint - Zip Guns For Free
If you enter Rim Job's in the starting area, make the shop keeper set off the alarm by firing your gun. The police will come to take you away but the uniforms apparently can't enter the garage.

This is great (unless it is patched). You can hide on the corners and pick off the police as much as you like and they can't touch you. The only time you are in danger will be if you're in the open. Once your health gets low, just duck back behind the corner and heal up.

This is a cheap and easy way to get weapons and ammo for free. After killing a few cops, wait for a break in the action and then dash out and scoop up the weapons and cash they've left behind. I managed to max out on pistol rounds, shotgun shells and SWAT rifle ammo in almost no time at all. Once you've had enough you can run into the office and wait out your wanted timer until the cops leave. How's that for street smarts?

Submitted by Terraphon (bigbaldugly)

Saints Row Hint - Insurance Fraud Payout
You have to fall into or Under moving cars, not just fall to the ground unless you only want a few hundred dollars.

One of the key things to look for after the first few levels is the freeway. The UI leads you close to an overpass on a lot of the 100k levels.

Jump off the overpass and run at a car or truck. As soon as you are about to make contact, dive. If you do it right, it will not look like you dove at all and you will rake up 30K each try.

Also on some of the street ones, I park my car to block one land to force the traffic into the center. Here you can run straight at a car and dive directly into it. I got huge points even diving into cars not going fast.

Also, you can get a police car before starting the Insurance Fraud activity. Having a civic vehicle involved in the accident is an automatic multiplier, and it's very durable and goes pretty fast, so it's not too tough to launch through the windshield as you hit on-coming traffic. With witnesses and hitting another on-coming car as you fly out giving you air bonuses and distance bonuses, it's possible to clear level 8 with just one hit.

Submitted by Deathjester_PFC and BullwinkleJ

There are several multipliers that when stacked correctly can add up to HUGE point payouts, allowing you to easily dispatch the Insurance Fraud 'extra' in no time at all.

The multipliers are as follows -- Vehicle, Witness, Hang Time, Vehicle Eject, Civil Vehicle and Distance.

Using the following method I scored 134,200.00 in one accident. The key is the civil vehicle multiplier. Steal a police car, build as much speed as possible and ram head on into traffic (for huge numbers you must be ejected from the windshield). For every other vehicle your body hits after going through the windshield the vehicle modifier doubles.

So if you were to ram head on into another vehicle and are ejected you will receive both the 'vehicle' and 'eject' mods, if your body hits another vehicle you gain another 'vehicle' mod. Every combo of a particular multiplier doubles the mod.

For the situation above you would receive a a x2 vehicle mod, another x4 vehicle mod, a x5 vehicle eject mod PLUS any 'witness', 'hang time', 'distance' and the all important 'Civil Vehicle' mod.

I had no witnesses and only hit one other car on my way through the windshield and I scored 134,200 points on my first try!Addendum by Hewhoisiam06422

Saints Row Hint - Hitman Target Selection
Unverified. You don't have to spend hours driving around looking for a specific person. All you have to do is find an NPC that looks like a target from your list anywhere in the city (For example, a person in a hotdog suit).

Your chances of finding a character of that type are increased if they are not selected in your HUD. Once you find a qualifying individual, open your activities window and make them the active target, then kill them in the specified manner.

You'll still have to draw the police guys out by getting law enforcement attention.

Saints Row Hint - Making Armed Robbery Work For You
To get a bit more money from hold-ups in the various shops located around the city, make sure to hit up the cash registers on your way out. And if you do it MY way, you'l get away with no police attention.

Get the money from the safe and kill the clerk. Make sure that you kill them with melee weapons and not by shooting them or there's a good chance you'll set the alarm off. If there's anyone else in the store (I've only done this with 1 patron, not 2), do them the same way. Beat the snot out of them to make sure they can't set off the alarm and then take one of your guns and shoot the registers. At least ONE of them will always drop some bills and change.

If you're going to do this, make sure you don't have a homie with you that may pull out their gun and start shooting. Once they fire their weapon, the police will be notified.

Submitted by Terraphon (bigbaldugly)

Saints Row Unlockable - Zombie Lin Homie
After the leader of the Westside Rollerz missions dies, you can have her come back as a zombie. Be sure to have a Reaper vehicle in the garage. Call Eye for an Eye (5555966) and you add her as a party member. She drives a hearse, beats people with her own arm, and sometimes eat a dead body also.

Submitted by The Great Deku Tree
Correction by risner827

Saints Row Hint - Money And How To Farm It
Find an armored car, take it to one of your cribs and store it. Go to the nearest Friendly Fire and buy a crap load of pipe bombs, head back and take the armored car out (and blow it up). Usually a few thousand bucks will come out. However, since you stored the truck in your garage, you can just keep buying it back for 500 bucks and the money will be there every time. This is a good way to get the penny pincher achievement and hoard some cash on the side.

Submitted by strikerz3ro112

After the armored car explodes and it drops the money(Armored Car is inside your garage on fire), you sprint out to the garage selection screen quickly choose the Armor car repair selection repair it before the garage door closes.

The car will be bugged and will explode upon getting hit once (Spawns with no health). So you can easily destroy every car every 3 seconds for a quick-earn money. It's to prevent you from getting 12 ammo of shotgun shells everytime you try and explode an Armored Car.

Addendum by d6661

Saints Row Easter Egg - Street Soccer
This is a fun and easy easter egg. First you have to be able to find the rollers mantion. (Uncle Will's)Its located West and if you have unlocked this as your crib it should be even more easy.Go to the mantion then go to the back with the garage or you can just try to find a easy was on the roof. then get to the top wher you see a chiminy. get in the chiminy and ther is a soccer ball waiting for you. you can have fun just by kicking it around!

Saints Row Hint - Easy Safe Packages
Unverifed. If you go to a store before it closes you'll notice that when you walk in, the door is left open. Stay in the store for a while and look around buy what you want. Leave the building through the door you came through but don't walk so far away that the door is out of view. Head back to the door and there should be a boot print on one door and the other door should still be open. The store clerk will be gone. When you hit the safe there should be no alarm and no cops. You're good to go. Pack up your vehicle and head to the pawn shop.

Saints Row Hint - Car Warp
Instead of wasting time going in a car through the door, all need to do is hop on top of the car and press YELLOW you will be instantly teleported into the driver's seat. This really helps when stuck in a shoot out and you need to leave quickly.

Saints Row Glitch - City Sights, City Lights
This glitch can be used in single player.This will allow you to get on tall buildings. This glitch wont really help you but its a fun glitch to do. Find a police car. Then find a large building with a flat wall(may be hard to find one but there are some).

Manage to get the police car side ways on the wall. You can usually do this by ramming the wall with the side of your car. Once you do this, drive forward and up. You will begin to climb the wall. Once you reach the top edge of the building, the car will lean forward. When it does then get out -- sometimes the car will not make it up with you. Now you will be at the top of the building, and if it is tall enough you can view thw whole city all around. Enjoy!

Saints Row Unlockable: Benjamin King's Penthouse
You must finish Return Of The King.

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