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Cheat codes for Vampire Savior Ex Edition

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EX Option, DX Option and the Full Collection

To unlock the DX & EX Option and also the others pictures from collection, you need first to edit a character in the "Original Character" mode. Then you must earn experience with him/her in the 1p Battle. As soon as you earn enough power, life and EX gauge, the new options and pics are going to be unlocked (some pictures come first, then the EX option, more pictures and DX option, in this order).

Play as Dark Gallon

To play as Dark Gallon, in the character select screen, go to Gallon icon, hold "select" and press 2 punch buttons at same time. Dark Gallon will appear flashing.

Play as Hanya or Oboro Bishamon

To play as Hanya or Oboro Bishamon highlight Bishamon and hold select then press any 2 punches or kicks. Alternate: highlight Bishamon and hold the L2 button then press any punch or kick.

Play as Marionette

from (monkeylee2000) Highlight the "?" and press the Select button seven times; hold Select on the seventh time and press any button that chooses a character.

Marionette acts similarly to Shadow. Instead of taking over the loser's body, Marionette assimilates the body of the next challenger.

Play as Shadow

To play as Shadow, in the character select screen, go to the ? simbol and press "select" five times, holding it in the last time. Then press any button. A random character will be selected and Shadow will be behind him.

In every round, Shadow changes from the winner to the loser, who will be used in the next fight.

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