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Cheat codes for Mountain King

 Platform: Atari 2600 User rating: 5 Page visits: 1620 
Mountain King Secret Room
There is a whole secret level (room). It is very hard to find, but with practice you can reach it in a few minutes. If you go to the very top of the mountain where the fire is, and go one ledge below standing just to the left under the flame. Then jump to the left and hold it. If you do it right the character will sort of hop skip and take a very high flying second leap. As you are flying upward, just when you are about to start descending, there will be a pattern of 4 dashes
- - - -
If you hit the dash correctly and hop, you will go even higher to a ladder. Grab the ladder and welcome to the secret level. There is all kinds of weird stuff, usually your character will turn very large and the game will freeze, but sometimes you can go pretty far. As you move ladders will disappear and objects will move on the screen. There was a pattern, and every time I made it up there I would get a little farther without locking the game. There may very well be something up there if you keep trying. The location of the dashes and ladder leads me to believe that they wanted someone to find it and it was just not by accident!!

Mountain King Hi-score Easily
Go to the top of the biggest mountain and stand one level below to the leftof the flame (near the left end of this level).Now, sit down (push the joystick down) near that location. You're scorewill rise nonstop! The score will roll over when it reaches the end.

Mountain King Hidden areas and tricks
Once you're up in the secret kingdom, you can add ladders and plateaus bypluging in other controllers in right or left ports. Plug in the Paddles in the right of left port and turn the paddles fullyto the right to add ladders at some places. You can then climb much higher!Also try a Sega Genisis controller. There are areas where it allows you tofall through the mountain and end up below the spiders lair! OR you cancontinue climbing to end up at that same location.

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