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Cheat codes for Mickey Mousecapade

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Mickey Mousecapade Level Select
At the title screen, hold any direction button plus SELECT and START.
Key LevelUp CastleDown Pirate ShipLeft OceanRight Forest

Mickey Mousecapade Continue
When you lose all your lives hold Up and perss Start to continue.

Mickey Mousecapade Getting through the woods
If you have ever gotten in the woods, this is the crucial key to gettingout. In spring, go through the second door into summer. Then, you shouldgo through the second door of summer into fall. After beating the secondpack of bears, go to the third tree and shoot stars on the far right of thetree. That should open up a doorway to winter. Then, keep walking untilyou see the Start sign again. If you shoot the first tree to the right ofthe sign, a magical doorway should open up and you will be out of theseasons. Good luck!

Mickey Mousecapade The secret character is...
The Disney person you have to save is Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.

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