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Cheat codes for Virtua Fighter

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Virtua Fighter Color Select
To change your costume or color in any mode, hold Up or Down and press A, B, or C. Alternatively, press Down + Start. Each combination will give you a different costume and/or color.

Virtua Fighter Dural Mode
In Tournament Mode, when selecting your character press Down, Up, Right, A, Left. You will here Kage say something. When you begin the game all the computer characters will be Dural!

Virtua Fighter New Camera Angles
In the Options screen, highlight Camera and press Right until two new camera view appear. They are Backside 1P, and Backside 2P. You can play from behind player 1 or behind player 2 with these cameras.

Virtua Fighter Play as Dural
To play as Dural in Arcade or Vs. mode, try this:
  • Player 1 - at the character screen, highlight Akira and press Left, Right, Left, Right (Akira, Jacky, Akira, Jacky) until you hear a sound (about 5 times), at the right side of Jacky you will see Dural,almost hidden from view.
  • Player 2 - at the character screen, highlight Jacky and press Right, Left, Right, Left (Jacky, Akira, Jacky, Akira) until you hear a sound (about 5 times), at the right side of Jacky you will see Dural, almost hidden from view.

Virtua Fighter Replay Control
In Replay mode, you can use the d-pad to rotate the camera around the fighters. To change camera views, press A, B, or C.

Virtua Fighter Secret Options
At the beginning of the game when "press start" is flashing, do threecomplete circles in one direction (Clockwise or counterclockwise) and twocomplete circles in the other direction (Counterclockwise or Clockwise).(with every revolution on the directional pad, a connected punch sound willbe made). Press Start. If it is done correctly, "K.O." will be heard. Goto options, and go all the way down the options screen to see a time andlife bar option (Turning them off makes them invisible during fights,freeing more memory, faster and funner game play). There is also a stageselect. This code does not work in ranking mode.

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